The Best Sulfur Face Wash – 2018 Reviews & Top Picks

One of the strongest ingredients to target uneven and irritated skin is sulfur. We have created for you a selection of the best sulfur face washes.

With their help, you can eliminate the harmful bacteria that causes problems in the first place.

We invite you to take a glance at our list, as we continue with a further discussion of the possible benefits of sulfur below.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for the Best Sulfur Face Washes

The number one product that deserved our title for the best sulfur face wash is the Grisi Bio Sulfur Soap with Lanolin. We were impressed with its simple, yet effective formulation. We noticed that it helped us to achieve a visibly smooth and less irritated skin, without being over-drying or aggressive to the soft facial zone.

For our second position, we have the 3Pack - 10% Sulfur Ointment + (2) 10 % Sulfur Soap. We were delighted with the intense effect of these two products that are designed to complement each other. Glycerin and Lanolin serve to balance the drying caused by the potent sulfur to deliver us with a healthy appearance.

Number three on our list is the Traditional Sulfur Soap 10 % Sulphur Acne Cleansing Bar. We love the smart formulation that relies on nothing excessive but only well-known ingredients to deliver maximum results. We also enjoyed the clever packaging and the convenience for preserving our soap bar in its cleverly-designed own jar.

The 4 Pack Traditional 10% Sulfur Soap is our fourth choice. After using this product, we noticed an immediate lowering of inflammation and redness. Its formulation is also deprived of anything fancy but rather than that it combines Saponified Palm and Kernel Oils to provide us with a deep cleansing.

And finally, we have the Sulfur-Lavender Soap by Naturasil. We highly appreciated the added Goat’s Milk Powder and Coconut Oil that can help to nourish the skin with a fusion of vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, Lavender Oil can aid with its calming and soothing properties.

But before we proceed with decoding the labels of our five top choices, we are eager to share with you some valuable information about sulfur itself.

What is Sulfur?

Sulfur is an essential mineral which is related to the health of connective tissues. It plays a leading role in maintaining the skin, bones, muscles, teeth, and hair.

Sulfur is the thirteenth most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. Nowadays, it is mostly a co-product, recovered from gas and oil production.

Nevertheless, this extraction method preserves the benefits of sulfur.

If we take a look at how sulfur acts to support crops, we can relate these qualities to the possible skin benefits.

It can increase the crop yields in two different ways. First, it provides a direct nutritive value. Next, it can increase the efficiency of other nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

The overall effect of sulfur can be described as highly necessary for plant growth and development. It has the potency to kill existing bacteria.

Thus, it can become a vital support for regeneration and healing. It is quite similar when applied to the skin.

How to get the Most of the Sulfur for Skin Care?

Many people tend to fall into the delusion that sulfur is a magical remedy for acne or other skin imperfections.

As sulfur acts to eliminate all existing bacteria, you can choose to use a sulfur-based product for washing your face as a once-a-week ritual.

It can help you to improve the texture of the skin by deeply cleansing all the impurities.

By being germ-free, you can assist a great deal in the maintenance of a healthy environment for your skin to flourish.

Sulfur is reported to benefit a variety of conditions, including dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, dandruff and skin discoloration.

However, many people seem to fall in the hurry of wanting to stop the appearance of persistent bumps, acne and inflammations once and for all.

If you wish to put an end to all your skin problems with a week or two of using any particular product, then we are sorry to disappoint you.

The wise decision is to adopt a complete routine, experimenting with various ingredients until you find something that works for you.

And even when you succeed in choosing a suitable blend for your particular case, you still have to try implying new compounds.

Thus, you can prevent the ingredients from becoming inactive on your skin after long periods of consistent use.

However, you can decide to use Sulfur and expect it to make your issues disappear in a week or two.

We have to warn you that this can only lead to some possible adverse effects, such as drying or flaking of the skin.

Instead, you have to be patient and restrict the use of sulfur-based products to no more than three times a week.

Of course, you can continue using any sulfur product for as many days as you wish per week, given that you pay attention to the effect to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Some foods which are known to be high in sulfur are Coconut Oil and Milk, Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Cauliflower, Dried Fruits, Eggs, Garlic, Nuts, Onions, Wine, and Lemon.

And since sulfur is a robust compound, we have to warn you to be on the watch for some possible side effects.

These include irritation, redness, flaking or itching. In such cases, this might be due to the adjustment of the skin to the treatment.

One particular thing related to sulfur use is the smell. It is very distinctive, strong and overpowering.

It may lead to headaches or absolute intolerance in some people. Bear this in mind and listen to your body, because it knows the answers.

Always follow your sulfur cleanse routine with a suitable moisturizer to avoid further drying or peeling to appear.

Product Reviews: Our Top Five Picks of the Best Sulfur Face Wash

#1 - Grisi Bio Sulfur Soap with Lanolin

The product that heads our list for the best sulfur washes is the Grisi Bio Sulfur Soap with Lanolin.

Sodium Tallowate is a combination of animal fatty tissues with Sodium Hydroxide.

If you are wondering whether it is okay to use animal fat derivative in your soap, you should know that the FDA has adopted very strict guidelines.

These include exact quantities and kinds of tallow that can be used in cosmetics. Together with Sodium Cocoate and 10% sulfur, the mixture becomes versatile in removing dirt and grime.

Lanolin is especially beneficial with its hydrating properties. It is the most similar form of oils to these produced by human glands.

However, since it is also derived from animals, namely sheep, the product is not suitable for vegans.

We also noticed that the product has some added fragrance.We find this a plus since we didn’t get overwhelmed with the particular sulfur smell.

Nevertheless, it might not be the perfect match for people with sensitive skin.


  • check
    Mild exfoliating effect
  • check
    Isn’t drying
  • check
    Reduces blackheads and blemishes


  • check
    The effectiveness lessens in time
  • check
    May cause itchiness

The second product that deserved a spot on our list is the 3 Pack - 10 % Sulfur Ointment + (2) 10 % Sulfur Soap.

The ointment contains four simple ingredients, namely Glycerol, Sulfur, Salt, and Olibanum. Glycerol is another name for Glycerin.

It is well known for conditioning the skin and targeting a variety of issues, such as acne, wrinkles, and different infections.

It is a powerful humectant that can absorb water from the air and trap it in the skin. It helps to heal dry and rough patches.

That is why it works great with sulfur to balance the effect of peeling. Olibanum is often regarded as Frankincense Oil.

There is a logical reason behind the traditional rituals for burning frankincense. It is a mighty antiseptic and can eliminate the existing bacteria indoors.

It can decrease the appearance and visibility of acne scars. One of the downsides that we experienced is that the soap smelled too strong.

However, the ointment had a much more tolerable scent. We also appreciated the relieving effect on some swollen areas.


  • check
    Lightens dark spots
  • check
    Aids to stop acne breakouts


  • check
    May cause peeling of the skin
  • check
    The texture is a bit grainy

The third product that deserved its spot on our roster of the best sulfur face washes is the Traditional Sulfur Soap 10% Sulphur Acne Cleansing Bar.

It has an identical formulation with the products that landed on our position number two and four.

We like the saponifying technology that includes Palm and Kernel Oils. Their saponification is described as possessing hard texture, great at cleansing, with a stable, yet not fluffy lather.

Both Palm Fruit and Palm Kernel Oils are high in their content of fatty acids. They can deliver the skin with essential nutrients.

The formulation is fortified with two more major moisturizers.

On the one hand, Glycerin can help to keep the water balance high. And on the other side, we have the potent Lanolin.

With its waxy, thick consistency it is a great addition to any product that needs to seal the moisture and prevent the skin from flaking.


  • check
    Effective on cystic acne
  • check
    Helps to clear hormonal breakouts
  • check
    Aids in balancing the skin


  • check
    May cause chapping of the lips
  • check
    Requires to be followed up with a moisturizer
  • check
    Strong lingering smell

The fourth position on our roundup is taken by the 4 Pack Traditional 10 % Sulfur Soap.

Apart from the 10 % sulfur and the moisturizing Oils, Glycerin and Lanolin, we detected another powerful component.

Salicylic Acid is is known to relieve inflammation and redness, just like aspirin since they are chemically similar.

It can break down the fatty compounds such as the oily sebum that can clog pores.

It can gently remove the dead skin, increase cell turnover and thus make the new skin grow faster since it also helps to increase collagen production.

The potent combination of Sulfur and Salicylic acid can be especially beneficial for people with oily, combination and acne-prone skin.

But if you happen to have sensitive or dry skin, then you should be very careful if you decide to use this product.

Also, be sure to put on some sunscreen after applying this face wash, since its ingredients can enhance the skin’s photosensitivity.


  • check
    Disinfects cuts and wounds
  • check
    Low mesh particle size Sulfur


  • check
    The ovoid shape makes it slip easy
  • check
    May leave a sulfur residue
  • check
    May be too harsh for daily use

The fifth product on our roundup is the Sulfur-Lavender Soap by Naturasil. Lavender is famous for its ability to calm and soothe the skin.

It can eliminate nervous pressure, relieve pain, disinfect and enhance blood circulation.

Its unique relaxing effect on both the body and the mind can help with diminishing the possible irritation caused by the robust sulfur.

Coconut Oil and Glycerine serve to provide essential moisture and nourishment. As to Goat’s Milk Powder, it is loaded with minerals and vitamins, and Lactic acid.

That acids combines beneficial exfoliation properties and the ability to reduce acne breakouts.

Together with the cogent Lauric acid, this soap can double up its positive effects on acne prone skin.

Lauric Acid is known to possess strong bactericidal power. It is reported to block the primary cause of acne which is the Propionibacterium bacteria.

We also highly appreciated that this soap could be suitable even for sensitive skin. However, since this is a demanding condition, results may vary with different people.


  • check
    Lathers well
  • check
    Faint scent
  • check
    Helps to stop irritations


  • check
    Requires consistent use
  • check
    Melts fast; doesn’t last long

The Bottom Line

The winner for our selection of the best sulfur face washes is the Grisi Bio Sulfur Soap with Lanolin.

The traditional method for crafting the bar can assist the proper dispensing of the active ingredients.

We also liked that the content is kept simple, yet in excellent proportions. It provides the cleansing effect of sulfur while implying enough Lanolin to prevent excessive dryness.

Whichever option you decide to use, we believe that all the products that made it to our list deserve their place amongst the best sulfur face washes.

Always make sure to activate your soap properly by soaking it in warm water for about half a minute.

Afterwards, protect its potent properties intact by preserving it away from light and moisture.

After testing these products, we think that they can become a major staple in your beauty routine.

With diligent use, they can target acne breakouts, rashes, irritation, redness, bumps and blemishes to contribute for a flawless appearance.