How to Banish Sun Spots on Your Face

Do you find yourself feeling self-conscious as of late due to the sun spots on your face? Do you find yourself suddenly wearing a heavier foundation or concealer in an effort to cover up those sun spots? Does it feel like they have just come out of nowhere and seem to be growing bigger each day? The fact is that sunspots are quite common, and you don’t have to be in your senior years for them to pop up. While they tend to be most common for people over the age of 40 and with fair skin, they can happen before that.

What can you do to fade and even get rid of those sun spots? Here are some tips and advice.

Try Using Retin A

A great place to start is with Retin A, which you can actually get at prescription strength. What this ingredient does is exfoliate discoloration. Keep in mind this works best on minor discoloration, so it's a good starting point when you first start to notice sun spots. For dark spots that have been there a while, this likely won't have enough of an impact.

Chemical Peels Can Be Useful

You can also pick up a chemical peel to start using, as these can offer some great results. These tend to work better for medium-depth sun spots, so this is the next step up. When shopping for a chemical peel, be sure to look for one that has glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid, which is also called TCA. Both of these ingredients will cause a superficial injury on the skin, which then sparks the healing process to occur. This healing process is what helps to banish the dark pigment or those sun spots.

Start Using Targeted Serums

A serum can also be added to your daily skincare routine; look for one that targets dark spots. These tend to work best on surface-level sun spots.

Consider Laser Treatment

Another treatment option that has grown in popularity over the past few years is laser treatment. Laser treatment can be used to address skin discoloration, which includes redness and sun spots. The laser is focused directly on those areas of concern and works to lift the discoloration out, taking you back to the original skin color and tone. This kind of treatment usually requires a few sessions in order to get the best and most impactful results. Mill City Laser is a good example of a clinic that offers laser treatment packages that will help you address your sun spots.

Always Wear SPF on Your Face

While this tip won’t get rid of your sun spots, it will certainly help prevent more from forming. Wearing SPF on your face each and every day is vital to your skin’s health. 

You Can Banish the Dark Spots

While sun spots may have you feeling self-conscious now, the good news is that with the proper treatments and products you can banish them and prevent more from developing.

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